Turkey will not suffer any commercial, strategic losses in case of Brexit, DEİK senior official says

Published 19.06.2016 22:17

Turkey will not suffer any commercial or strategic losses if the U.K. decides to leave the EU in the referendum on Thursday, according to a top business community official. In addition to ongoing discussions regarding the impacts of Brexit on Britain and the EU, the potential effects the decision could have on Turkey, its second biggest trade partner with a trade volume of over $16 billion after Germany, have come to the fore. The U.K. will need to sign separate trade deals with all its trade partners since it will no longer benefit from the free movement of goods afforded by the EU, as well as agreements with third countries like Turkey, which currently has a customs union agreement with the country. However, Turkish businessmen do not expect a huge loss due to a Brexit.

Speaking to reporters regarding the issue, the head of the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Turkish-British Business Council Remzi Gür said that the EU is a commercial union consisting of 28 countries, emphasizing that "The main aim was to run Europe under one parliament like the U.S., but the existence of various nations and sectarian differences is seen as an obstacle against the emergence of this union. Even though the nationalist ideologies go against the EU's foundation, it was obligatory for financial interests and unity."

Stating that the countries whose economies and fiscal balances were currently fine were disrupted by this arrangement, Gür said another reason for this disturbance was the equal veto right for all countries.

Stressing that the countries that made more contributions to the budget due to economic differences wished to have more say in a situation which has resulted in objections being raised by other countries, Gür said that another problem was the large political conflicts among EU countries.

According to Gür, Britain wants to strengthen its position with the withdrawal card since it does not have a powerful lobby and support within the EU. "It is not certain what it can get for now, but Britain already acts different from mainland Europe by not being included in the Monetary Union and Schengen Zone. This situation bothers other big EU countries," Gür added.

Gür does not think Britain will leave the union, but it will receive most of its demands. Even if it leaves, it will not bring an end to the EU since all the other countries will continue their membership somehow within the scope of their conditions in accordance with their interests even if they are not in comfort, according to Gür.

Indicating that Turkey will not suffer any commercial or strategic losses in the case of a Brexit, Gür said: "I hope the efforts spent on the EU so far will provide benefits for everyone. We believe there is plenty and peace in unity and solidarity, not in division. We wish the EU peace with all our hearts and souls."

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