Influencers to promote Turkey to 66M followers via social media

Published 13.04.2017 21:57
Updated 14.04.2017 02:01

Content creators, bloggers and social media influencers who guide the travel choices of millions of people all around the world with their photos, videos and texts will come together at INFLOW Travel Summit 2017 to be held in Istanbul and Antalya.

The new trend "influencer marketing" has also affected travel habits. As consumers in the digital age first check out the experiences and ideas of other users through a number of social media channels, including blogs, before buying a product or service, Turkey has launched an "influencer" campaign for promotion. Some 150 foreign influencers with access to 66 million followers around the world through social media platforms have been invited to Turkey.

INFLOW Travel Summit 2017, which will bring together content creators, bloggers and social media influencers who guide the travel choices of millions of people all around the world with their photos, videos and texts, will be initially held in Istanbul on April 18-19. Welcoming industry professionals and major brands, the event will focus on the world of digital marketing for travel. Approximately 150 leading content producers, travel bloggers, photographers and social media influencers who guide the travel world from 30 countries will attend the event along with 100 leading figures from Turkey.

On the first day, speakers will share their new travel trends with presentations, panels and creative projects. During the B2I (Business-to-Influencer) meetings to be held on the second day, participants will come together with digital platform pioneers, sector professionals and brand representatives. Leading figures who define the travel trends with their photographs, videos and texts from all around the world will attend as keynote speakers, including Dave and Deb Bouskill, Christina Tan, Sean Patrick Byrne, Laurence and Jessica Norah, Alex Tienda, Duygu Shar and Bilgehan Çelik, Idil Tatari, Sezgin Yilmaz and Facebook Sales Director Erdem Çelik.

INFLOW Summits Chairman Emre Gelen said there have been significant changes in travel habits over the past few years, adding that now everyone wants to have different experiences, preferring individual travel plans, and most want to share their experiences with a large mass instantly. Pointing out that 150 foreign influencers participating in the event have access to 66 million followers worldwide through social media platforms, Gelen said this figure clearly shows the impact of the digital world on travel.

Influencers to visit, write about Istanbul, Antalya

INFLOW Summits Deputy Chairman Afşın Avcı said that following the event in Istanbul, they will go to Antalya with 60 influencers. Avcı noted that the influencers will have a chance to get to know the historical and natural beauties of Antalya as well as its social life on April 20-23 and said that within the scope of the program, trips ranging from Aspendos to Tahtalı Mountain Cable Car, boat tours, golf tournaments and amusement park adventures will be organized. He also added that they will share all these experiences with their followers with photos, videos and texts. "Therefore, we think that we will add both Istanbul and Antalya to the route of many travel lovers this summer," Avcı said. Recalling that they hosted 30 influencers invited from around the world in Istanbul and Cappadocia in November last year, Avcı stated that "They all shared posts praising Turkey and reached a total of 10 million people. This time we will host a group that interacts with 66 million people. We think that we will make an important contribution to tourism before the summer season."

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