Turkish Airlines cuts prices up to 73 pct for some exporters

Published 31.05.2017 23:57
Updated 01.06.2017 00:21

Turkish Cargo, which is operating under the scope of Turkish Airlines (THY), has provided fresh fruit and vegetable exporters with a discount of up to 73 percent on the transportation fee per kilogram.

After the agreement between Turkish Cargo officials, the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) and the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association, transportation fees per kilogram have been re-determined.

Turkish Cargo responded positively to the request for the increase in capacity and the number of destinations as well as the reduction in transportation costs.

During the negotiations, the parties agreed on making discounts at varying rates according to destinations as well as increasing the aircraft capacity. With the said agreement, 20,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are planned to be transported to 35 destinations this year.

Turkish Cargo provided fresh vegetables and fruit exporters with discounts ranging from 19 percent to 73 percent based on the former unit prices on 39 lines determined in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

Africa gets the highest discount

While the transportation price per kilogram ranges from $0.55 to $2.30, the highest discount was made on the Lagos and Seychelles lines in Africa. The transport price per kilogram was reduced from $4.10 to $1.10 on these two lines, with a discount of 73 percent.

Turkish Cargo will transport goods with the lowest price per kilogram to Medina at $0.55 per kilogram, followed by Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Maastricht with $0.75.

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