Turkey helps Qatar to dodge blockade by sea exports

Published 20.06.2017 00:55

After Turkish businesspeople exported meat and other food products by air to Qatar, which has been under blockade by some Arab countries since June 5, Istanbul-based Turkish-Qatari QT Logistics will send food aid to the country by sea. Accelerating the process with the support of the Ministry of Economy, the company will send the first shipment of 4,000 tons of freight belonging to six companies to Qatar from the Aliağa district of İzmir province today.

Founded by Qatari businessman Abdul Latif al Meer in Istanbul, QT Logistics provided a new solution to overcome the blockade that hindered the food import of the country. The proposal of the company, which plans to ship the products of Turkish exporters with cargo ships that can carry frozen food, was accepted by the Ministry of Economy. Carrying eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, fruit and vegetable oils from six Turkish companies, the Green Guatemala ship will leave Aliağa Batı Çim Port today.

The general manager of QT Logistics, İpek Demirci, drew attention to the fact that export by road transport was already blocked and the airway has also limited capacity. She also noted that her company chose exporting Turkish goods to Qatar by sea. Demirci highlighted that the ship, which is able carry up to 60 aircraft at once, will deliver the freight to Qatar within 10 days.

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