Germany top export destination for Turkish goods in 8 sectors

Published 08.08.2017 00:00

Germany, Turkey's largest export market, has been named the greatest buyer of Turkey's automotive, ready-to-wear, iron, machinery, air conditioning, hazelnut, fruit-vegetable and dry fruits and products.

According to Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) data, Germany ranked first among Turkey's export markets in the January-July period of 2017 with $8.2 billion.

Exports to Germany, Turkey's largest export market for many years, increased by 6.2 percent in the first seven months of the year compared to the same period in 2016.

Germany has also been named the largest market of the Turkish automotive industry with $2,544,380,000. Industrial product exports to Germany, where 15 percent of automotive exports are carried out, soared by about 15 percent during this period.

With a 19 percent share in ready-to-wear clothing sectors' exports corresponding to $1.8 billion, Germany reached the peak in this area as well.

Germany came in first in iron and nonferrous metals exports with a 14 percent share, amounting to $532 million. Turkey's iron and nonferrous metal exports to the country increased by 12.45 percent in the same period.

Germany, which ranked first in machinery and equipment exports with $310 million, also led exports in the air conditioning industry with $248 million, hazelnuts and products with $208 million, fruit and vegetable products with $107 million, and dried fruits and products with $78 million

According to the same data, the U.S. ranked first in steel exports with $803 million, defense and aerospace industry exports with $365 million, carpet exports with $239 million cement, glass, ceramics and soil product exports with $131 million and tobacco exports with $50 million.

Iraq ranked first in cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products exports with $1 million, water products and animal products exports with $397 million and furniture, paper and forest products exports with $393 million.

Russia came to the fore in fresh fruits and vegetable exports with $223 million and leather and leather products with $88 million

The United Arab Emirates came in first in jewelry exports with $672 million and chemical materials and products with $671 million.

China led exports in mining products with $933 million, while the United Kingdom was named first in exports in electronics and services with $707 million

Italy came in first with textiles and raw material exports with $462 million, Iceland in ship and yacht exports with $126 million, Spanish in olive and olive oil with $42 million , the Netherlands in ornamental plants and products exports with $10 million and France in other industrial products exports with $7 million.

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