CEOs of 250 Japanese giants to build ties with Turkish industrialists

Published 07.09.2018 00:00

As Turkey continues to develop commercial relations with Asian countries, it is now preparing to host 250 Japanese CEOs of world-renowned companies whose total turnover exceeds $5 trillion on Sept. 19 in Istanbul.

The Turkish-Japanese Business Forum to be organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) will bring together 250 Japanese businesspeople - from Mitsubishi's chair to Toyota's vice chairman, from the investors of city hospitals realized via public-private partnerships model to Mitsui's owner -and 250 Turkish industrialists to discuss investment opportunities in Turkey. DEİK Japan Business Council President Şerif Tosyalı said that Japanese businesspeople have confidence in Turkey and want to invest here. Pointing out that Turkey's economic indicators are not real, Tosyalı said the economic crisis that Turkey is experiencing does not show the actual indicators in the country, adding there is strong industry and economy in Turkey.

Underlining that Japanese businesspeople are all real investors, he stated that there are companies that have investments and production in industry. "We aim to bring these names together with the industrialists in Turkey and create a new synergy," Tosyalı noted.

He said in addition to new investments, partnerships in different markets will come to the agenda during the meeting. "The Japanese want to open up to the African market. They see Turkey as a hub. However, they do not know this market very well. Turks have made serious investments in Africa. When our experience and entrepreneurship is combined with their discipline, we can undertake good work in new markets," Tosyalı added.

He also explained that the Japanese are interested in the health, energy, construction and logistics sectors in Turkey and that they have evaluated investment opportunities in these areas, adding the free trade agreement between Turkey and Japan is about to be finalized "We think it will be complete in a year. We anticipate that the trade volume will also increase in this regard."

Turkey exports $400 million worth to Japan with $4 billion in imports from this country. Tosyalı said in the next two years they aim to reach $1 billion in exports to Japan over.

He added that there is serious consumption of tuna fish in Japan. "Fifty percent of the exports to the country come from the aquaculture sector," he said. "Japan is also a very good market for the textile sector. To improve the textile exports here, the logistics infrastructure needs to be strengthened. Then our exports will be positively affected," he added.

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