Turkish economy does not need external support, ministry says

Published 01.02.2019 18:08

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance dismissed speculations about Turkey seeking support from the IMF.

In a statement issued Friday, the ministry said claims about the IMF contradict the truth regarding the Turkish economy. Emphasizing the strong structure of the economy in the country, the ministry stated that it recovered from recent speculative attacks without any support from the outside and continues its rebalancing process with further development thanks to the precautions taken and strategies adopted by the government.

The statement touched upon Turkey's favorable indebtedness, debt rollover rates and fiscal discipline performance while reminding that Turkey does not need external support.

"Without any help from outside sources, the Turkish economy has survived and will survive, overcoming problems on its own," the statement said.

"The development of the economy will maintain its pace thanks to the precautions taken and strategies made," said the ministry.

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