Turkish imports hit $17.4 billion in October

Published 29.11.2019 11:42
Updated 20.12.2019 02:00
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Turkey's imports totaled $17.4 billion in October, an 8% rise compared to the same month last year, said the country's statistical authority on Friday.

The data showed exports were $15.6 billion with an annual decrease of 0.1%.

"In October 2019, the foreign trade deficit came to 1.8 billion dollars with a 263.6% increase compared with October 2018," the group reported, adding that in October 2019, the export to import rate came to 89.6%, down from 96.9% in the same month last year.

To calculate foreign trade data, two different methods are used – the special trade system and the general trade system.

Calculations based on the special trade system do not include free zones or customs warehouses. The general trade system is a wider concept, including customs warehouses, all types of free zones, free circulation areas and premises for inward processing.

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