Islamic university to be founded in Istanbul


Istanbul is set to host an International Islamic University that will be headed by Turkey's former top religious official Professor Mehmet Görmez.

Görmez, who retired Tuesday from his duty as head of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, will be one of the founders of the university. Detailed plans for the university are expected to be announced this October. It will likely draw comparisons with Egypt's prestigious Al-Azhar University, renowned for training countless prominent Islamic scholars for decades.

The International Islamic University in Istanbul will offer education in three different languages - Turkish, Arabic and English - and accept enrollment by students from Muslim countries only.

Reports claimed that several prominent scholars of the Muslim world have already been invited to join the university, including some from war-ravaged Syria.

The university will promote studies and research to battle organizations and terrorist groups that exploit Islam including Daesh, Boko Haram and Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). It will also focus on the sectarian strife, a prevalent problem in the modern Islamic world.

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