School claims record for most twins

Published 20.12.2017 00:53
Updated 20.12.2017 00:57
Twins and triplets pose in front of their school.
Twins and triplets pose in front of their school.

They left their teachers scratching their heads to remember their names but 33 sets of twins and a set of triplets attending the same school in western Turkey are now a pride of the town. This is because those grade school students will likely be inducted in the Guinness Book of Records. They only need to be certified, Bertan Çetin, principal of the school located in the Buca district of İzmir province said as the twin students posed with their classmates in front of their school yesterday for reporters.

Zeliha Soysal says she feels "special" for being the mother of only triplets at a school dominated by twins. "The twins here were surprised when they first saw us, they even asked for autographs," Ecesu Soysal, one of the triplets, said.

Kaan Demir, one of the twins attending the school, says it "feels good" to attend the same school with his brother. "The teachers told all the twins at the school to gather here. At first, we thought we did something wrong and they would punish us," he said. Demir, like the other twins, was surprised to see so many twins at the school serving 1,400 students.

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