Afghan children learn Turkish thanks to Turkish cartoons

Published 28.12.2018 23:22
Updated 29.12.2018 08:00

TRT Çocuk, a children's channel provided by Turkey's public broadcaster, captivates the children of Afghanistan from thousands of miles away with its programming.

Humeira, Baha, Aygiz, Umid and Muhammad Akif, five siblings from Afghanistan's Sheberghan, are among fans of TRT Çocuk's popular cartoons such as "Rafadan Tayfa," "Kuzucuk" and "Keloğlan."

Speaking to TRT Haber in fluent Turkish, the children expressed their love for the cartoons and recounted how they act out their favorite characters from the shows in their pretend play. "We didn't speak a word in Turkish before, we were just watching. But now, we learned what they spoke about bit by bit," one of the children says.

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