HDP provincial chairman detained for insulting police at polling station in Turkey

Published 01.11.2015 15:00
Updated 01.11.2015 15:02

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Kırklareli Chairman, Feyyaz Şahin, was arrested on Sunday for a short period of time after he reportedly insulted police officers at the polling station.

Feyyaz Şahin and Adnan Kurt, a board member board member of Kırklareli University's Student Cultural Association, were at Ahmet Yener Elementary School on Sunday, where citizens were casting their ballots in the country's 26th general election.

The two reportedly got into an argument with the police officers present at the school and were then taken to the police headquarters under the charges of "insulting the police".

Following their testimonies, Şahin and Kurt were released.

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