Resignations continue in İP ahead of upcoming local elections in March

Published 09.09.2018 21:04
Updated 10.09.2018 11:19

Resignations from the far-right Good Party (İP) has continued as the party announced it will not collaborate with any other party and step up preparations for the upcoming local elections.

The latest resignation came from, Reşat Doğru, a member of İP's Central Advisory Committee, yesterday.

"I have resigned from İP and all positions within the party," Doğru, a former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy from Tokat, said last Friday.

On Aug. 29, the İP administration asked its entire province leadership to resign in order to re-establish the party organization at the local level. Following the call from the administration many province heads, including Muğla, Denizli, Şanlıurfa, and İzmir, resigned to allow the changes to be easily implemented.

However, some resignations confused the public, making it hard to differentiate between the resignation of those who were unhappy with the party administration and those who were only complying with the party decision.

Following the İP's Central Executive Board (MYK) meeting on Sept. 5, the party vice chair and spokesman Buğra Kavuncu said that the resignations were compatible with the decision of the party administration. "We are expecting to complete the restructuring process by Sept. 17," Kavuncu said.

In relation to a possible alliance with the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), Kavuncu said that they are not planning to collaborate with any party, putting an end to the rumors circulating in the media.

İP was shaken by a series of resignations in the aftermath of the June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections. Those who resigned have blamed Akşener for the party's poor performance in the elections and expressed discontent with her unilateral decisions in drawing up the candidates' lists.

In the presidential election, Akşener got only 7 percent of the votes, staying well below the hype created at home and abroad. Her party, on the other hand, was able to send deputies into Parliament thanks to an alliance formed with the main opposition CHP. It received around 9.95 percent of the votes. On Aug. 6, three founding members of the İP - Yusuf Halaçoğlu, Özcan Yeniçeri, and Nevzat Bor - resigned from the party holding the party administration accountable for the below par election results and blamed the party of "disloyalty" in preparing the deputy lists.

Its chairman, Meral Akşener previously decided to step down in the face of mounting pressure. Yet, some party officials persuaded her to continue in the post to prevent a complete unraveling of the party.

She was elected as the chairman of the party once again after being the only candidate in the Aug. 12 convention. Strengthening her grip on the party, Akşener promised to turn a new page.

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