Headman in village of 11 reruns in local elections

Published 06.02.2019 00:06

In a village in Yozgat's Sorgun district, one man, Durak Özdemir, his wife and nine others are the only year-round residents.

The 73-year-old became a candidate once again for a third term as the empty village's headman.

As the some of the elderly residents recently passed away and the younger community members having migrated to cities almost 30 years ago, Özdemir and his wife, Gülbeyaz, 70, are now the only year-round residents in the village. The population of the village increases to 25 in the summer.

Evoking the story of Robinson Crusoe with their isolated lifestyle, the couple takes care of the village after their neighbors leave because of cold weather and spend their time waiting for the return of the other residents.

Speaking to Anadolu agency (AA), Durak Özdemir said he has been serving as the headman of the village for the last two terms and added that since there are no other candidates; he will have to be a candidate again.

"The villagers are telling me to be the candidate since they are not here," he said. "I also take care of the village. Every day, I check the locks of my neighbors' houses."

Gülbeyaz said most of the villagers are old and therefore, leave when winter arrives. Durak said his wife also wants to become a candidate and added that he hopes the villagers pick her so that he could be free of the duty.

Durak said if his wife is elected, he would be her driver. On her part, Gülbeyaz said she would like to become a candidate but has not decided if she will run yet.

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