Istanbul microcosm of Turkey for AK Party

Published 12.03.2019 00:20

The ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Binali Yıldırım stressed that Istanbul is a critical province for Turkey where people from various parts of the country live together.

"Istanbul is a summary of Turkey. It is a world city where people from all parts meet," Yıldırım said at a meeting with opinion leaders in the Güngören district, adding that people find common ground in Istanbul.

Referring to steps taken by the AK Party government in Istanbul over the last 17 years, Yıldırım said that the projects like Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel, which could only have been considered as dreams, have come into fruition with the efforts of the AK Party.

He added that now Turkey is able to implement projects that are far more advanced than the projects of the world's most developed countries.

In relation to the new airport in Istanbul, Yıldırım said "it will be the world's biggest airport when finished and directly provide employment for 225,000 people."

Prior to his nomination, Yıldırım was long been regarded as the most prominent name for Istanbul, a city where the party that wins the elections is considered as having won the majority across Turkey, as he was able to gather public support and appreciation.

Yıldırım, who played an important role in the foundation of the AK Party, first won a seat in Parliament as a deputy for Istanbul in the fall 2002 elections and served the country as transport, maritime affairs and communications minister in the 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st and 64th governments.

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