Newly-elected mayors look to cement bonds with public

Published 06.04.2019 00:19

Following the March 31 local elections, some of the newly elected mayors have followed some exceptional methods to minimize formalities and come closer to the public.The first thing Mert Uygun, the new Republican People's Party (CHP) mayor of Çanakkale's Bayramiç district, did was remove the door to his office. "From now on, no doors will stand between the people and us," Uygun told Demirören News Agency (DHA) Friday. Receiving his mandate after winning in the elections, Uygun has started his duty as the mayor.

"Prior to the elections, we made promises to the people. If elected with the votes of the people, our ties with people must be transparent and there should be no doors," Uygun said as he highlighted that people would be able to reach him whenever they want.

A similar approach was adopted by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) mayor of eastern Ağrı province, Savcı Sayan. He had previously announced the removal of doors and X-ray machine at the municipality. Sayan underscored that he would work for the development of the province and address the people's problems. He pointed out that during his term, Ağrı will become a star among Turkey's provinces. He stressed attempts to remove boundaries with people and added: "I will remove the doors on Friday. I will also remove the X-ray scanners that were set up for security reasons."

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