41,500 MHP members to be polling clerks on June 23

Published 22.06.2019 00:03

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party)'s partner in the People's Alliance, has announced it will have 41,500 party members ready to work as polling clerks on Sunday's rerun of Istanbul mayoral elections.

"For the election security, 41,500 nationalist and idealist friends are being assigned to work as polling clerks at 31,126 ballot boxes. May our precious people rest at ease," Feti Yıldız, MHP deputy chairman responsible for the elections, said.

Yıldız also talked about election security, expressing the importance of having wet-ink signatures on election records. "In order for the Istanbul people to be free from any pressure or frame, around the ballot boxes, there should be no one but polling clerks," he added. The People's Alliance, between the MHP and the AK Party, was formed ahead of the June 24 parliamentary and presidential elections. The alliance won a majority in Parliament, while their presidential candidate, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also won the election with 52.6 percent of the votes. Since both parties consider the results of the June 24 elections as successful, they continued their alliance in the local elections as well.

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