Turkey only has enough crude oil for 19 years

Published 21.11.2014 16:48
Updated 21.11.2014 16:56
Turkey only has enough crude oil for 19 years

Turkey only has 46.3 million tons of crude oil and 6.3 billion-cubic-meter of natural gas reserves left – enough to last about 19 years.

According to data from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, search and drilling work for crude oil and natural gas is continuing at full throttle. In the first eight months of the year, in licensed fields, 3,323 kilometers of two-dimensional seismic exploration, 9,526 kilometers of three-dimensional seismic exploration – 8,933 kilometers in seas and 593 kilometers on land – have been carried out. Moreover, 65 search and detection oil wells and 62 production wells, adding up to 127 oil wells in total, have been opened, reaching 249,000 meters.

Since 1934, 2,726 search and detection and 1,840 production wells for a total of 4,566 oil wells have been opened and 8,497 kilometers of drilling have taken place with 70 percent of the wells opened in southeastern Anatolia, 22 percent in Thrace and 8 percent in other regions. As a result of the search and drilling activities, 130 crude oil fields and 56 natural gas fields have been discovered.

On these fields, 1,309 wells produce crude oil and 235 wells produce natural gas.

In the first eight months of the year 1.6 million tons of crude oil and 343-cubic-meters of natural gas have been produced. On average, 45,536 barrels of crude oil and 1.41 million-cubic-meters of natural gas have been produced on a daily basis.

Unless new fields are found and exploration work continues, with the current monthly average production levels, Turkey has crude oil reserves adequate for the next 19.3 years and natural gas reserve adequate for the next 12.2 years.

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