Turkey brings sun to sub-Saharan Africa

Published 10.11.2015 20:54
Updated 10.11.2015 20:57

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Ali Rıza Alaboyun announced that Turkey is planning to build 100 solar energy modules in Sub-Saharan African countries and two modules have already been delivered to Niger. Speaking to an Anadolu Agency reporter, Alaboyun said that several energy ministers from G20 countries convened in Istanbul in October and discussed improving energy access in Sub-Saharan African countries. "Currently there are 1.3 billion people living in these countries, yet about 900 million have no access to electricity," added Alaboyun.

The modules will absorb solar energy in a battery to be used for electricity at night. They will also provide energy for health centers. As a result, fridges holding temperature-sensitive vaccines will have a constant power source. Alaboyun noted that a single solar energy module will be enough for a small-scaled health center. "THY is the sponsor and will cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the installment of the modules and for their inspections. We believe this is a small but an important step in this region," added Alaboyun.

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