Iranian official: Gas route without Turkey hard to draw

Published 18.11.2015 22:32
Updated 18.11.2015 22:44

National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) International Relations Director Azizullah Ramazani said Turkey is the most appropriate route for the transport of Iranian and Turkmen gas to Europe in a physical and economic sense. "A route without Turkey is a slight possibility," he added.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency during the European Autumn Gas Conference in Geneva, Ramazani said Iran's gas trade is not on the desired level because of international embargos and sanctions imposed on the country. Stressing that with the removal of sanctions, a route that passes through Turkey will be of primary importance for Iran, Ramazani stated Turkey would both satisfy its own gas requirement and transport gas to Europe thanks to such a route.

According to Ramazani, other alternatives include a pipeline that reaches Europe passing though Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Black Sea and other pipeline that reaches Europe passing through Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea. Ramazani said these alternatives, which both include a route passing through Turkey, are the most appropriate in technical and economic terms.

Pointing to Turkey and Europe's continuously increasing natural gas requirement, Ramazani said Turkey, Turkmenistan, the European Union and Azerbaijan signed a memorandum of understanding and a declaration text over the evaluation of Turkmen gas during a quartet meeting on May 1, 2015. "Despite this agreement, we think that a route that can pass through Iran is more appropriate. Gas can be carried more easily and cheaply to the West through a new route that includes Iran. After all, a route without Turkey is a slight possibility for the transport of Iranian and Turkmen gas to Europe," he said.

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