Turkey is EU's strategic partner in energy, EU official Gargya says

Published 09.06.2016 22:26

The Head of the Trade, Agriculture, Economy and Energy Policy and Projects Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey Balazs Gargya said: "We see Turkey as a strategic partner in energy and we wish to continue our negotiations in the field of energy."

Speaking to Anadolu Agency at the International Geothermal Conference, Gargya said the EU and Turkey held positive meetings regarding energy issues.

Stressing the importance of Turkey's goal to be an energy center for Europe, Gargya continued, "The establishment of a direct line between Turkish and European markets and Turkey's transformation into an energy center will be beneficial for Europe's energy supply security."

Gargya indicated that Turkey's becoming a center in energy would revive the natural gas trade among countries in the region and that this situation would positively affect the pricing of the natural gas supply that would go through the country.

Highlighting two conditions for Turkey to become an energy center, Gargya said: "First, the market operations need to be distinguished as foreseen in EU regulations, meaning that the transmission network operation's complete separation from the supply operations need to be guaranteed. Second, it is really important to provide equal and transparent access for the third parties to the natural gas transmission network, LNG [liquefied natural gas] and storing facilities within the country."

Stating that Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) was an important part of the Southern Gas Corridor and that the revival of this corridor was of vital importance in terms of energy diversity, Gargya said the EU saw the construction of the Southern Gas Corridor as a project that could provide mutual benefits and also strengthen the strategic partnership between Turkey and EU countries.

Gargya also noted that six countries in Europe procured their natural gas from Russia alone, and that thanks to the Southern Gas Corridor Project, other suppliers would be able to export natural gas to the EU through the TANAP Project.Stating that the EU is closely monitoring Turkey's improvement in the field of renewable energy, Gargya noted that Turkey has been taking firm steps towards its 2023 energy goals.

Recalling that the High Level Energy Dialogue Meeting between the EU and Turkey was held last year for the first time, Gargya said: "The second meeting was held between the parties after a very short period. We see Turkey as a strategic partner in energy and we want to continue our negotiations in the field of energy."

He also pointed out that the facilitation of licensing procedures of energy companies would contribute greatly toward Turkey reaching its 2023 goals, stressing that Turkey should speed up its legal regulations in the field of renewable energy.

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