Second seismic vessel to begin explorations next week

Published 13.04.2017 21:40
Updated 13.04.2017 22:16

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak has announced that the oil exploration vessel Oruç Reis will be launched in the Mediterranean Sea next week, while the Barbaros Hayreddin will be searching the depths of the Black Sea.

Stressing that Turkey will buy a drilling vessel this year for the first time in the history of the Republic, Albayrak noted that from now on, a Turkish drilling vessel will be searching for oil in the sea.

Attending Channel 24's broadcast, the minister made significant statements with regards to oil exploration activities to be launched in the Mediterranean as well as the future of the energy sector. Albayrak stated that Turkey sides with the instigators of all projects that comply with three criterion, suggesting that the projects should be mutually beneficial for both parties, contribute to regional energy supply and security and be instrumental in establishing global peace and stability. Highlighting that Turkey does not have the luxury of choosing a country or market from this perspective, Albayrak said they can be stakeholders to all of them. Recalling that talks with Russia on an important pipeline are still in progress as well as talks with Israel, Albayrak said Turkey is at the crossroads of a total of 10 pipelines, including eight ongoing projects and two in progress. "Eight of the pipelines are natural gas and two are oil pipelines. In this scope, Turkey has contributed to all its stakeholders," Albayrak said.

Underlining that Turkey will be more effective and active in the Mediterranean from now on at the point of drilling activities, including seismic research, other fields and beyond, Albayrak recalled that Turkey has always acted in a positive and constructive manner and will continue to do so, stressing that they will not allow a ground that will legitimize the unlawfulness by taking the necessary steps.

With regards to Turkey's strategy in the coming period, Minister Albayrak said that Turkey has never conducted and will never conduct any projects outside the law in both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, adding that drilling projects have always been conducted in the scope of international and domestic law. Albayrak said that at least one or two wells will be drilled in the sea under the auspices of newly launched steps, saying: "This will be done because by evaluating the data we find in this framework and scientific field, we will start taking pinpoint steps regarding the best fields. There is a lot of hope here, I believe we will get positive results."

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