Panasonic eyes solar power projects in Turkey


Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey Business Development and Solar Energy Systems Business Unit sales manager Anıl Akci said that they have established future plans on markets outside Japan. Having purchased VIKO switch plug producer four years ago, Panasonic has focused on the solar energy field in Turkey, according to a report by Turkish daily Dünya.

Speaking at the "Solar Panels and Solar Power Plants" panel that they jointly organized with the Seiso energy company in İzmir, Akci stated Panasonic is the first in Japan with over 20 percent market share in the solar panel market.

Underlining that Turkey is one of the two markets among the emerging markets of the greatest importance for Panasonic, he said, "We define Turkey and India as focus markets in the solar energy field. Turkey's energy policies and the state of the market has enabled us enough motivation to enter this market. For this reason, we have planned our future plans on ‘out of Japan,' namely on non-Japanese markets." He highlighted that Turkey has longer hours of sunlight than Germany and receives 7.2 hours of sunlight per day and 2,650 hours per year on average.

He said that İzmir is one of the provinces that receive the longest hours of sunlight throughout the year in Turkey and investments in Turkey's solar power seem to focus on the southern parts of the country. He added that especially Meram Electricity Distribution (MEDAŞ), the Kayseri Turkish Electricity Joint Stock Company (KCETAŞ), Mediterranean Electricity Distribution, and Toros Electricty Distribution are in the most popular areas.

"In terms of the number of sunny days and strategic geographical position, Turkey is a country that can address African and neighboring countries," Akci concluded.

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