Turkish firm to build Kosovo's first wind farm

Published 01.07.2018 20:58
Updated 01.07.2018 20:59

The energy company Güriş, which is considered to be one of Turkey's leading renewable energy-based power producers, is establishing the first wind farm in Kosovo, which is with continuing efforts trying to reach the European Union's (EU) renewable energy standards.

Kosovo aims to meet a quarter of its energy need from renewable sources by 2020 to comply with EU standards.

In the first wind farm of the country, nine 110 meter General Electric (GE) turbines will start operating in September. This plant is expected to meet 3 percent of the country's energy needs.

Speaking to Reuters, Tuncer Baltacı, Güriş project manager, said, "We will produce 110 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year, which is enough energy for 10,000 residences."

Kosovo, which generally has 14 billion tons of lignite reserves, still provides 95 percent of its energy from two older model coal power plants. Lignite is known as the dirtiest type of coal.

Baltacı said that Kosovo should raise its share of wind energy by more than the planned 150 megawatts (MW).

An Israeli company also plans to build a wind farm of 105 MW power in the north of the country.

"[The Kosovo government] needs to define a new quota for us, so we can invest in a second project that will increase the capacity," Baltacı said.

"The wind here is very good, it is a very valuable resource and Kosovo needs it," he added.

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