Shell's first solar-powered retailer opens in Ankara

Published 22.05.2019 00:10

Shell & Turcas, which commenced operations in 2006 following a joint venture agreement inked between Turcas and Shell Turkey in 2005 for retail and commercial sales, has opened its first solar-powered fuel station in Ankara.

According to a statement released from the company, the Shell Küçükesat retail station Ankara has been converted into a solar-powered fuel station. Thanks to this conversion, the station's carbon emission will be reduced by approximately 30 percent, thus saving around 1,000 trees in 10 years.

The station, which has an annual energy consumption of approximately 200,000 kilowatt hours, will cover 32 percent of this figure with solar energy. Meanwhile, for the conversion of the gas station, 160 units of 270 watt solar panels were used.

Shell & Turcas CEO Felix Faber said the Shell Küçükesat gas station was the company's first solar-powered station in Turkey, stressing that Shell & Turcas would continue to diversify its activities to reduce its net carbon footprint and to spread it across the country.

"In line with our global initiative, we, as Shell & Turcas, have been carrying out many activities in Turkey and striving to reduce our carbon footprint. In this sense, we offer environmental-friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 20 percent, to the Turkish logistics sector," Faber said. "Our goal is to establish a Shell LNG station network in Turkey by bringing together the logistics sector with the economic and environmentally friendly fuels of the future. Taking into account the needs and expectations of our guests, we are commissioning our investments in the energy transformation process with Shell's expertise in the fastest way."

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