Energy watchdog to promote domestic market for foreign investors

Published 19.08.2019 00:33

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) announced on Saturday the launch of the Invest in Turkish Energy project in cooperation with the Energy Experts Association to introduce the Turkish energy market to foreign investors.

A written statement issued by EMRA reminded investors that Consumer Energy Guide videos were prepared in order to raise the awareness of energy consumers and to provide fast and clear solutions on the subjects of interest.

Indicating that the Turkish energy market offers great opportunities for foreign investors, the statement said that Turkey, the 10th largest energy market in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), has the six largest oil market, the fourth largest electricity market and the third largest gas market in Europe. "In addition, Turkey is second in the world after South Korea in terms of autogas use today. Also, we are a leader in terms of the number of autogas vehicles and stations," it added.

Highlighting that the goal of the Invest in Turkish Energy project is to reach foreign investors around the world and to share basic information about Turkey's energy markets, investment opportunities and ways to invest, the statement continued, "Subjects have been selected for this purpose. In addition to the EMRA sector department, the legal department and the strategy development department contributed videos that are a guide for foreign businessmen and investors who want to invest in the Turkish energy sector."

The duration of 25 videos prepared in English language range from three to eight minutes. The videos explain the potential of Turkish energy markets, the advantages of investing in this market and how to invest in which areas.

EMRA head Mustafa Yılmaz stated, "One of the performance criteria of our institution is to what extent we can help investors, how quickly and successfully we can solve their problems and how much we can open the way for them. The potential of our energy markets is obvious and those who invest in our country will not lose. EMRA is not only an institution that issues licenses and prepares legislation, but we also work as an investment consultant and guide foreign investors. Every investment we will bring to our energy markets and every employment we will be instrumental in are a reward for us."

Invest in Turkish Energy videos are available on EMRA's official English website and will be delivered to Turkey's foreign representatives as well.

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