Pink invasion: Flamingos nest on Lake Van for the summer

VAN, Turkey
Pink invasion: Flamingos nest on Lake Van for the summer

With their pink silhouettes, flamingos have turned one of the most important wetlands in Turkey, Lake Van, into a festival area.

The pink birds which are nested on the coastline of Lake Van have been offering a visual feast. During their journey from North Africa to Iran, migratory birds - especially flamingos - stop at Lake Van for a short stay each year.

To prevent any illegal hunting, scientists at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University's Wild Animal Protection and Rehabilitation Center are on duty 24/7.

The flamingos usually prefer to spend the summer around Lake Erçek - which is also located in Van province. However this year, they have chosen the coasts of Lake Van.

Speaking to press, professor Lokman Aslan said the reason for the change of location is global warming.

"As this year Lake Van preserved its water levels, more and more migratory birds are arriving in this area. We invite bird watchers and nature lovers to come and visit the flamingos in their natural habitats. They will stay at Lake Van until October," Aslan explained.

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