Decaying 300-year-old spruce tree sprouts 17 saplings in Turkey's Ordu

Published 27.01.2020 13:31
What were once side branches have become new trees growing along the fallen trunk. DHA Photo
What were once side branches have become new trees growing along the fallen trunk. (DHA Photo)

A 300-year-old fallen tree in a tall spruce forest in Turkey's Black Sea region continues to amaze visitors.

What makes this tree so special that people stop and stare is the fact that the decaying 20-meter-tall tree has 17 trees sprouting from its trunk – talk about giving back to the forest.

After spotting the tree in the Kabadüz district of Ordu during a nature excursion two years ago, voluntary tourism ambassador Serdar Şimşek applied to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism to protect the rare tree.

Describing how the sight left him gaping in astonishment, Şimşek said: "It was a truly spectacular moment. ... I've been told that the tree is one of a kind. It is a wonderful tree, indeed."

Şimşek said work to declare the forested area a "natural protection area" and register the unique tree as a "historical monument tree" continued.

Stating that examinations by officials in the zone where the tree is located have been ongoing, Şimşek said: "After the examination, the Samsun Regional Commission for the Protection of Natural Assets will evaluate the area. However, as a result of all the applications, examinations and evaluations, new areas that could become potential natural assets and natural sites have been identified."

"It's also in a place that could be opened to tourism. Four of the trees on the tree trunk have already been damaged, so the tree needs to be put under protection," he said, adding that reports detailing the risks the area will face if not immediately put under protection have been submitted to the relevant authorities.

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