EU silent over Daily Sabah’s questions on PKK


A European Commission (EC) spokesperson could only come up with a hushed reply at a press conference on Monday, after Daily Sabah asked for his comments on a European Union (EU) high-rank officials' with members, suspects and convicts of the outlawed terrorist organization PKK.

The EU has faced some heavy criticism for its apparent lack of concern over the PKK's acts of terrorism in Turkey and the group's activities in Europe.

At the midday press conference of the EC on Monday, it said glorifying and justifying terrorism was a criminal act across Europe, and that the EC commissioners held talks with internet giants last week to tighten their fight against what it calls, "internet terrorism."

Present at the briefing, Daily Sabah queried, "We have recently witnessed France arresting people for browsing terrorism-linked contents. Following Saturday's terrorist attack in Istanbul, there were dozens, or probably hundreds, of PKK supporters in Europe celebrating and glorifying the attack. Are we finally going to see Europe taking action against these people who celebrate a terrorist attack in an [EU] candidate country?"

In its second question, Daily Sabah reminded the EC spokesperson that EC's Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn had met with some pro-PKK figures including: Faysal Sarıyıldız, who is accused of supplying weapons to the PKK, Tuba Hezer, who once shouldered the coffin of a PKK terrorist, and Eyüp Doru, a name with a red notice, who has been on active duty at the PKK's Qandil headquarters for five years.

"Is this the new approach towards enlargement of the EU or we are going to see steps against these terror-linked people, and is the EU going to adopt a new concept of enlargement?" Daily Sabah asked.

Replying to the daily, the spokesperson could only come up with a plain answer saying, "The line of the Commission is crystal clear with regards to the PKK."

Furthermore, when an Anadolu Agency reporter asked as to why the EU released a condemnation statement almost 15 hours after Saturday's attack, the question was not answered.

Recently, a group of PKK proponents organized a demonstration in front of the European Parliament with placards and flags to protest the detainment of several Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputies.

The European Parliament (EP) is one of the leading institutions where the PKK terrorist organization can easily spread its propaganda.

At a conference held at the EP, some PKK terrorists with red notices were in attendance, revealing once again, with whom the EP, which lately requested freezing Turkey's accession talks, has sided with.

Also endorsed by the Socialists and Democrats of the EP, the conference was held at the European Parliament on Dec. 7 and 8, in cooperation with the PKK-linked Kurdish Institute of Brussels.

At the conference, Zübeyir Aydar, a high-ranking PKK figure with a red notice against his name, gave a speech, while Salih Muslim, the leader of the PKK's Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), also took the floor.

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