Ankara, London 'give direction' to Europe's politics: EU Minister Çelik

Published 14.09.2017 00:53

Turkey's EU minister Ömer Çelik said yesterday that the U.K. and Turkey will continue to give direction to Europe's politics.

Speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House on the second day of his London visit, Çelik said the U.K.'s exit from the EU would not change the fact that the country is one of the greatest powers of Europe.

"The U.K., Europe's gateway to the Atlantic, and Turkey, Europe's gate to Asia, will continue to shape Europe's politics," the EU minister said. "Similarly, even if it is not an EU member, Turkey has been a European power and it continues its journey as a European democracy for a hundred years."

The power of democracy in Turkey was seen "in the struggle people showed to protect it during the [Gülenist Terror Group] FETÖ coup attempt on July 15," he added.

Çelik also said Turkey's contribution to Europe's security "was clear both in the management of the migrant crisis and in the fight against Daesh."

"The U.K. and Turkey will be the two pillars of the European architecture in the future, just like they are today," he added.

Çelik concluded his speech with remarks on Turkey-EU relations, saying, "It is clear that recent statements to exclude Turkey and cut Turkey-EU negotiations will not serve the great good for future Europe."

"Turkey, as a sovereign country, is providing security to Europe while it is protecting its own borders from Daesh and the PKK terror threats. The protection of Ankara's security means the protection of security in Berlin, London, Rome and Paris," he said.

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