British directors, artists ask cinemas and Bafta to boycott London film festival funded by Israel

Published 10.06.2015 19:34
Updated 10.06.2015 19:54

More than 40 directors, film-makers and artists including Ken Loach have asked for the boycott of Seret 2015 London Israeli Film and Television Festival funded by Israel due to violation of international law and human rights against Palestinian people.

In a letter to British daily The Guardian, the group of British directors and artists urged British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and hosting cinemas to boycott the festival due to Israel's financial and promotional support, which they expressed as a normalizing move for Israel's violations and ignoring growing global reaction against them.

The letter also stressed the difference between screening works of individual film-makers and a festival funded by the Israeli state, a point later underlined by Loach to the Guardian.

The founders of the festival stated that Seret 2015 is a "showcase for the many voices throughout Israel, including Arab Israelis and Palestinians, as well as religious and secular groups."

Curzon Cinemas, one of the hosting theaters of the festival, said in a statement that they host many festivals, including regional ones, adding that they have not yet considered asking questions about the funding of festivals, or interpret hosting festivals as a political stance.

The festival will be screened for the third time this year.

Here's the link to the letter published in the Guardian.

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