Kosovo starts using Turkish as fifth official language in documents

Published 09.07.2015 00:00
Updated 09.07.2015 18:07

Starting this week, Turkish will be used in 38 municipalities of Kosovo as an official language for documents and certificates of birth, citizenship, residence and marriage.

Speaking to Dogan News Agency, Taner Güçlütürk, Chairman of Official Languages Study Group of Presidency of Kosovo's Advisory Council, stated his content due to this positive development. Güçlütürk stated that their warnings to the Ministry of Interior regarding the problems about the use of Turkish, Bosnian and Serbian proved fruitful and experts managed install all these languages, along with Albanian and English, to the country's Civilian Record System.

In the municipality of Mamusha, in which Turks make up almost all of the residents, the development was also welcomed. Mayor Arif Bütüç stated that Turkish is started to be used in official documents after a long struggle.

Turks comprise a 1.1 percent minority in Kosovo, which has a total of 1.85 million population.

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