French 'serial cat killer' poisoned over 200 felines in a month

Published 07.06.2017 01:25

Saint Pierre la Mer, a small French town 55 miles south-west of Montpellier, was shaken by a mass poisoning that has killed hundreds of cats in just one month.

Nearly 200 cats were poisoned to death in the coastal town, as they all fell victim to a poisoner dubbed the "serial cat killer." Town residents have been worried that the poison will not harm their children.

One of the residents speaking to the French newspaper Ouste-France said that the air in the city is unpleasant, and people in the town are beginning to suspect each other, "Nobody trusts anyone." "We're all afraid a child might ingest some of this mystery poison," he added. The Association of Stray Cats, which informs the police, is hoping to uncover the source of the poison by making an autopsy of the poisoned cats.

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