Germany deports 18-year-old to Russia over Daesh links

Published 04.09.2017 16:44

German authorities have deported Monday an 18-year-old Russian citizen who grew up in Germany but is deemed to pose a significant risk of carrying out an attack on behalf of Daesh terrorist group.

The state interior ministry in Bremen said the man, identified only as Izmullah A. in line with German privacy rules, was put on a plane from Frankfurt to Moscow.

"Despite all the legal difficulties in recent months this is an encouraging outcome," state interior minister Ulrich Maeurer said.

German authorities have begun over recent months carrying out deportations of alleged foreign extremists not proven to have committed a serious offense under laws passed after the Sept. 11 attacks. The deportee argued that he could face torture or detention, but German and European courts eventually cleared the move.

"The courts had no doubt that despite his young age, the designation as a (person willing to commit acts of terrorism) was correct," said Rose Gerdts-Schiffler, a spokeswoman for Bremen's Interior Ministry.

German authorities said they had evidence to suggest the teen had ties to the Daesh and that he was prepared to commit violent acts and killings on behalf of the group.

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