Spring is more beautiful on Prince's Islands

Published 22.07.2014 00:48
Spring is more beautiful on Prince's Islands

The spring flowers color everywhere with their reds, purples and yellows. These flowers symbolize fertility and the rebirth of the year after a long cold winter.

Spring flowers bloom in every color, resuscitating our hold on life. Painter Ayla Akyol reveals fertility by celebrating spring in her new exhibition. Her passion for nature can be seen in her work and Akyol keeps producing art with the energy she gets from nature.

Her lively yet calm brushstrokes and use of color reflect her view on life. Who would not want an undying spring flower that always gives liveliness and joy on their wall? Akyol, who wants all spaces to be lively and joyful, brings out her inner enthusiasm through her paintings. She uses warm and cold colors within the same frame in balance. Her paintings remind one of beauty, grace, kindness, friendship, love, holding onto life and staying young through her spring flowers. Akyol is influenced by artists such as Goya, Zonara, İbrahim Safi and Sami Yetik.

Always open to new things and trying to reach perfection, Ayla Akyol transfers the energy of spring flowers from her palette to her canvas. The flowers of spring in red, purple, yellow, add a touch of color wherever they are displayed.

When: July 26 at 5:00 p.m.
Where: Adalar Cultural Association

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