Photos of historical bazaars exhibited in Istanbul

Published 23.07.2014 00:50
Photos of historical bazaars exhibited in Istanbul

Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall situated in Kadıköy's Acıbadem neighborhood is hosting a photography exhibition "Çarşı Pazar Istanbul" (Everywhere is Bazaar in Istanbul) supported by İGDAŞ (Istanbul Gas Distribution Industry and Trade Incorporated Company).The exhibition, which was introduced two days ago, presents 42 works previously awarded at the "4. Ulusal En Havalı Kareler Fotoğraf Yarışması" (4th National Flashy Photos Competition). This year's event beautifully shows Istanbul's historical and cultural richness through the photos of bazaars across the city. The
exhibition is open to public.

When: Until August 3
Where: Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall, Kadıköy

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