Guitar days to color December

Published 29.11.2014 01:39
Guitar days to color December

Akbank Sanat will host renowned guitar virtuosos and young talents who represent Turkey around the world throughout December.As a part of the event, Argentinian guitarist Pablo Marquez will perform on Dec. 10. A duo consisting of Spanish guitarist Antonio Dura and Murat Usanmaz - who successfully represents Turkey internationally - will perform on Dec. 12 while the Katona Twins, "the most recognized duo of classical music," will perform on Dec. 17. On Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve - the acclaimed guitarist Cenk Erdoğan, who accompanied stars of the music world such as legendary bass guitarist Kai Eckhardt and Trilog Gurtu, will enchant music lovers. As a part of the "Young Virtuosos" section of the event, Ceren Baran and Güray Alyötük will perform on Dec. 4, Eren Süalp will perform on Dec. 18 and Kâzım Çokoğullu and Sinan Kurşun will perform on Dec. 26. Moreover, young guitarists Gökhan Arslan, Tuna Tandoruk and İmge Ceren Aydemir will warm-up the audience with a performance before each concert at Akbank Sanat Cafe.

Kâzım Çokoğullu and Sinan Kurşun

Çokoğullu, who successfully represents Turkey at many international concerts, along with Kurşun, who accompanies Turkey's leading orchestras as a soloist, will give the closing concert of the organization on Dec. 26.

Ceren Baran and Güray Alyörük

On Dec. 4, Ceren Baran and Güray Alyörük will launch Akbank Sanat's Guitar Days. Baran, who currently works at Başkent University as a research assistant, continues giving performances as a member of the NODUS Ensemble and DuoSonant. In 2007, Alyörük won the award for "Best Balkan Music Performer" as well as the first prize at the International Balkan Guitar Festival in Bulgaria.

Antonio Duro and Murat Usanmaz

Spanish guitarist Duro and Turkish guitar virtuoso Usanmaz will unite the two sides of the Mediterranean with Fazıl Say's "Lycian Princess" and Manuel de Falla's "La Vida Breve."

Cenk Erdoğan

The acclaimed guitarist will perform songs from his 2011 album recorded in San Francisco as well as a selection featuring soundtracks and music inspired by TV shows that he composed.

Katona Twins

As "the most recognized duo of classical music," the Katona Twins is composed of Peter and Zoltan Katona. The duo will give an unforgettable concert with their repertoire featuring Bach, Mozart, Piazzolla's tango music, pop musical classics and their own arrangements.

Eren Süalp

The young and talented guitarist has won awards in Europe several times. The successful artist will play popular classics during his concert.

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