Calligraphic 40 hadits on display

Published 17.06.2015 23:19
Updated 17.06.2015 23:22

Murat Ateş, who is one of the artists affiliated to the Culture and Tourism Ministry, is displaying his work that is composed of 40 hadiths at Dolmabahçe Art Gallery. The exhibition, "Hüsn-i Hat Yansımaları ile Kırk Hadis-i Şerif" (Calligraphy and 40 Hadiths), features applications of calligraphy plaques on leather that are ornamented with inlay and carving. Ateş, who lives and works in Ankara, said: "I started this art 15 years ago. As the application I use is one of a kind, we named it "Hatt-ı Murat" and the ministry also registered the art as such. The exhibition is the second solo display by Murat in Istanbul and it uses the plaques of well-known calligraphers of history as well as plaques of contemporary calligraphers after receiving their permission. He uses leather to create original works and decorates them by applying inlay. The artist is also the president of the Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Foundation and he says that his aim is to be remembered as a good person.

When: Until June 23

Where: Dolmabahçe Art Gallery

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