Janusz Szprot ‘Young at Heart'

Published 17.06.2015 00:46
Updated 17.06.2015 00:50
Janusz Szprot ‘Young at Heart'

As a pianist, composer, arranger, educator and musicologist, Janusz Szprot has a rich musical background. He began his professional music career in 1971, and has worked with many Polish jazz musicians as well as jazz players from all over the world. In 1983 he brought Polish and Turkish jazz musicians together to found the Poland-Turkey Jazz Ensemble and performed in Ankara and Istanbul as part of the 21st International Istanbul Music Festival. Szprot is a master jazz pianist and his expertise as well as flexibility is apparent on his 15 studio albums. He previously worked as a professor at the Faculty of Music and Performances Arts at Bilkent University in Ankara and Atatürk University in Erzurum. He recently returned to Turkey to present the best examples of his jazz repertoire.

When: June 16

Where: Nardis Jazz Club

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