Alan Turing's invention takes to the silver screen

Published 25.06.2015 22:46

ENKA Eşref Denizhan Open-Air Theater will screen "The Imitation Game," which has garnered significant attention this year. The film depicts the story of the accomplished scientist and cryptologist Alan Turing's struggle to decode the famous German Enigma machine used during World War II. In the film, World War II is continuing with the Nazis dominating every side. British intelligence is trying to crack the code machine named Enigma, which is used by the Germans to communicate, but they cannot solve it despite all their efforts. The German correspondences are highly classified and are causing massive losses to the Allies. To determine a solution, the English government gathers its cryptology experts and their best code breakers, of which Alan Turing is one of them. With his different way of working and his methods that have never been tried before, he discovers breakthroughs that change the entire course of the war. But his work will set in motion a hugely unexpected effect, as his invention will constitute the basis of modern computers.

When: July 14

Where: ENKA Eşref Denizhan Open-Air Theater

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