Power, weakness and women's issues the focus of installation

Published 29.06.2015 00:00
Updated 29.06.2015 20:31

Galerie Mixer's new installation by Zora Volates, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, focuses on traditional Ottoman kaftans (robes). Three paper objects, of which both sides are colored, whirl around themselves. Turning kaftans are the main element of the exhibition, and other works primarily focus on issues such as domination, power, weakness and belonging. "Red Light" (Kırmızı Işık) is another part of the exhibition. The color red symbolizes life, the energy of life, blood, dynamism and death. Turkey's flag is mainly red and it affects people's sense and consciousness. "Red Light" also aims to attract attention to the role and value of women in contemporary society. The artist evaluates these issues with photographs and a film. Volates's first works mainly consist of "place" and "place installations." From 2000, Volantes has produced performance works in an attempt to express her perception of art. Her work at St. Elizabeth church in Mitte, Berlin, is one of the best examples of her place installations, and Volantes opened her own exhibition space in Berlin in 2014. Her most recent work on display there was "Aurora 2014," which depicts the solar system with tables. The artist is in Istanbul now and has a scholarship to attend the Tarabya Cultural Academy.

When: Until July 5

Where: Mixer Arts

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