Artist commemorated in exhibition

Published 23.11.2015 21:45

Gallery Selvin is hosting a commemoration exhibition for Ünal Cimit and his ceramics until Dec. 6. Born in Ereğli in 1939, Cimit attended elementary and middle school there and high school at Bursa Agriculture High School. Following high school, Ereğli enrolled in the Department of Painting at the Fine Arts Academy in 1952 and studied at the workshops of Halil Dikmen and Bedri Rahmi Eyyüboğlu for three years. Then he traveled to Europe and continued his education at Offenbach/Main Applied Fine Arts School and Höhr Grenzhausen Sctatliche Keramische Schule. He finished his graduate studies with excellent grades and worked as an assistant to sculptor Fr. Schmidt Rueter for a while. He worked as a form and decor designer at various German ceramics and porcelain companies and undertook their department leaderships. During his 10 years in Germany, he met Sadi Diren and Alev Ebuzziya. His friendship with Diren continued following his return to Turkey and gave his life a new direction. Cimit held his first solo exhibition at Istanbul State Fine Arts Gallery in 1978. Throughout his career the artist held 34 solo exhibitions and was involved in numerous group exhibitions, conferences and events. He won two international and three national awards for his art was chosen as the artist of the year at the Serpo Glass Fair in 1982 and 1992. He has 22 pieces in museums and collections. Even though he was educated in painting, he discovered ceramics in Germany. He interpreted his mentor Eyyüboğlu's color harmony and practiced it on ceramics. Ceramics is a special field in plastic arts blending design and fiction. It can be considered in two or three dimensions. A successful ceramics artist can bring design and fiction into the third dimension. All technological developments and scientific methods are at the artist's service for success.

When: Until Dec. 6

Where: Gallery Selvin

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