Exhibition focuses on cities' multi-layered textures

Published 12.04.2016 23:05
Updated 12.04.2016 23:06

Curated by Engin Özendes, the third solo exhibition by Jak Baruh, "Abstract Impressions," will be on display at Pg Art Gallery until May 3. Inspired by the textures and political atmospheres of metropolises, the artist creates a new structure by abstracting individuals, buildings and scenery of the cities in his multi-layered works. He also sometimes emphasizes the monotonous lives and identity problems of city dwellers. In his recent art show, Baruh tries to depict the paradoxical lives of urbanites to the audience through his own artistic creations. Light, which is the main element in his art, changes how the city looks through various optical illusions and continues to inspire the artist. "Abstract Impressions" can be characterized as a harmony of visual varieties, featuring black and white photographs that are transferred to the canvas and the artist's other works showcasing the reflections of the plastic he places on the facades of the buildings that being restored. Baruh uses photography as a powerful language of expression in all of his works displayed at the show.

When: Until May 3

Where: Pg Art Gallery

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