Baroque orchestra to play Handel, Vivaldi and Pergolesi

Published 18.04.2016 21:29
Updated 18.04.2016 21:31

Conductor, composer and contrabassist Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan, who has been in the limelight with the Baroque music concerts that he has given across Istanbul, will be hosted at the Church of St. Mary Draperis tomorrow. He will be accompanied by soprano Natalie Boğosyan and counter-tenor Kaan Buldular. Agoşyan, who is the orchestral and choir maestro of the Baroque concerts organized by Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, previously shared the stage with Boğosyan and Buldular, and offered an incredible Baroque concert experience to 1,000 people. During the concert, which will be third concert that the trio will give this season, CorIstanbul Chamber Choir, founded by Agoşyan, will accompany Agoşyan, Boğosyan and Buldular onstage. Those who do not want to miss a Baroque concert at the incredible atmosphere of the Church of St. Mary Draperis should save the date.

When: Wednesday

Where: The Church of St. Mary Draperis

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