Latin American musical genres blend on stage

Published 17.06.2016 00:26
Updated 17.06.2016 00:27

Thousands-of-years-old wisdom from American Indians, the polyphonic harmony of European classical music, lively music from Africa and extraordinary, complicated and original rhythms from Latin America come to life at a concert series at the Living Room. These rhythms continue to remind us of basic human needs such as love, longing, heroism and criticism in the plainest and most understandable language. "Unforgettable Latin Songs," one of the concert series organized and hosted by Living Room, continues to offer original performances and sentimental and warm rhythms of Latin songs to music lovers in Istanbul. During these concert series, songs by prominent Latin musicians including Consuelo Velazquez, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Osvaldo Farres, Alvaro Carrillo, Sergio Mendes, Miguel Matamoros, Maria Teresa Vera, Hugo Blanco, Rafael Hernandez, Manuel Jimenez Fernandez, Armando Manzanero and Violeta Parra will be performed along with impromptu performances of various music genres such as samba, salsa, rhumba, cha cha cha, milonga, habanera, bolero and waltz. "Unforgettable Latin Songs" will present the shining side of Latin America with love, and dance songs along with the darker side with peace and sorrowful songs.

When: Friday

Where: Living Room

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