'Theses on Concepts of History' inspires exhibition

Published 17.06.2016 00:00
Updated 17.06.2016 00:27

"Past, in Each of its Moments, be Citable - On Walter Benjamin's Concept of History in the City of Istanbul" project continues at DEPO with adaptations of Water Benjamin's "Theses on Concepts of History" by six Turkish and five German artists. Initiated by Berlin-based artist Patrizia Bach, artists have been coming together to read passages from the book, discuss it and produce new works as a part of the project since April 2015. The project displays fragments about the history of the city from different perspectives via artists who produce art in various disciplines. Artists Sezgi Abali, Patrizia Bach, Dogu Cankaya, Juliane Eirich, Benjamin Maus, Lara Ögel, Cagri Saray, Elena Tezak, Andreas Töpfer and Bilal Yilmaz are in search of the things that are characterized as irrelevant. The artists refer to their personal history along with the history of the city during their works and conduct research on public and personal needs in terms of identity and consumption. The project is supported by the Belin Cultural Directorate, DEPO Istanbul, Halka Istanbul and Goethe-Institut Istanbul.

When: Until July 17

When: DEPO

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