Lorca poem to be accompanied by dance performance

Published 21.06.2016 00:33
Updated 21.06.2016 00:35

Cengiz Özkan will be a part of a flamenco performance with his composition of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem "One of the Lovers," accompanied by 20 dancers, Serhan Yasdıman on guitar and Emrah Günaydın on bass. The show's choreography was inspired by the things that a flamenco dancer living in Istanbul is affected by. The show was directed and prepared by Melek Yel, who described her inspiration: "The noise of the city sometimes comes to my ear as a scream or calm waves in the sea and they whisper their songs to my ear. The end is inevitable. The voices that I heard became a trigger for me to dance. I accept their invitation and dance for them."

When: June 26

Where: Caddebostan Cultural Center, Istanbul

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