Buika to perform in southern cities

Published 03.08.2016 00:26
Updated 03.08.2016 00:30

Praised for her sensual voice, Spanish singer Buika will be performing in tourism hubs Kuşadası and Bodrum once again as part of her world tour following her latest album "Vivir sin Miedo" (To Live without Fear). Buika won the Spanish Music Awards for "Best Production" and "Best Album in Spanish" with her second album "Mi Nina Lola" and a Grammy for "Best Tropical Album" with her album "El Ultimo Trago," In her latest album "Vivir Sin Miedo," Buika writes her own lyrics, composes her own songs and magnificently blends various genres including reggae, ragga , flamenco, R&B, afrobeat and Gospel. Buika blends flamenco and jazz, transferring these genres to a whole new level. During her live performances, she not only sings but feels her songs in her veins and whispers her feelings into the ears of her audience. Nominated for the "Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year" with her studio album "La Noche Mas Larga" at the 56th Grammy Awards, Buika performs duets with Meshell Ndegeocello and Jason Mraz and collaborates with Martin Terefe who produced the albums by Coldplay and James Blunt.

When: Wednesday

Where: Kuşadası Omega Arena, Aydın

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