Awarded movie to be screened at open-air theater

Published 24.08.2016 23:25
Updated 24.08.2016 23:26
Awarded movie to be screened at open-air theater

UNIQ continues to screen outstanding movies at its outdoor stage. On Sept. 4, Toga Karaçelik's award winning film" Sarmaşık" (Ivy) will be screened. A vessel named "Sarmaşık" is on its way to port of discharge after it embarks in Egypt. During the voyage, the ship owner goes bankrupt and it is revealed when they arrive in Egypt that the ship owner hasn't paid the port fees. Therefore, the port officers moor the vessel in a deserted mooring area.

They say that a certain number of crew need to stay on board against possible dangers. Six people including one officer, two sailors, one mechanic, one kitchen crew and one expert sailor need to stay on board. Their passports are taken and then their adventure on the shores of Egypt start without knowing when the experience will end. The stories behind their reasons for staying are different. Groups start forming, followed by quarrels. As food and drink become more scarce, these quarrels turn into fights and the vessel turns into an area where men hunt men.

When: Sept. 4

Where: Uniq Outdoor Stage, Istanbul

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