Reconstructed instruments make music again


As part of "The Journey of two-stringed Instruments from Central Asia to Anatolia" project, century-old sounds of the traditional igil, gil copuz and ıklığ instruments will be presented to music lovers at the MÜZİKSEV Concert Hall on Thursday March 23 at 7 p.m. Institute of Turkish World Studies Director at Ege University Professor Metin Ekici will present a speech called "Our Intangible Cultural Heritage" at the concert.

Kabak kemane player Salih Urhan, classical kamancheh player Gülten Yeğin and Özgür Gürbüz, the first Turkish artist to play the igil using traditional methods and throat singing (khoomei), will also give life to the reconstructed instruments. The instruments were made entirely from traditional materials and methods by MÜZİKSEV Luthier Ozan Özdemir in accordance with models drawn by Güner Özkan.

When: Today

Where: MÜZİKSEV Concert Hall

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